Feb. 2nd, 2013

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I can't believe it but 6 months has passed Heather since passed away.  My grief, the grief of our parents and Heather's friends is still with us. But I want to, at least for the month of February, turn my pain and anger into something positive.

So, I challenge you guys to post pictures of yourself (or your animals! She'd love that!) with something PINK (clothes, bookmark, cupcake, anything) and let me know that you've done it, by e-mail or any other way. For EVERY picture posted during the month of February, I will donate $25 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation / JDRF.

I will keep a running tally and do reminders every weekend (and yes, I will be posting pictures of myself and donating for my own pictures). Feel free to repost older pictures, too, those count.

Remember: PINK for Heather for the month of February = $25 into the pocket of JDRF, an incredibly worthwhile organization. (Feel free to repost if you want - this is actually a public post.)
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Today has been very emotionally charged. Amanda and Marissa provided wonderful distraction this morning.

And then I had to pick up Sadie and throw her bodily into the car while visiting Heather at the cemetery as two very aggressive dogs came tearing across the ground at us. I don't have words but stark terror apparently grants me super speed and strength, who knew?

Stark. Terror. That was my sign to have my big cry if the day.

Now, numb and exhausted. Watched tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy finally and am finishing up The Men Who Built America. And I think it's time for wine.

God, I miss her.

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