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Jan. 24th, 2012 04:07 pm
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Not at work, in Buzz, with a cupcake (well, I had one) and a milk steamer with my laptop and just killing time.  Today already looks way better.
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Good news!  There was nothing actually hanging from the carriage of my car, so that's a relief.

Bad news!  In total, I'm looking at shelling out around $1,000 today!  Fuck!  The issues are:

a. That noise?  Not something dragging but, instead, the fact that I pretty much have no brakes left.
b.  A cracked belt
c.  The car needs all four tires replaced

They're also doing things such as changing the oil, cleaning the lights and doing the state inspection (since it's up this month anyway).

Ugh.  I mean, this is why I have savings but after this, savings will be back to nothing.  I keep telling myself that this is why I have savings but stiiiiill.  *sigh*  I spend upwards of 3 hours in my car every day, so this is important but it doesn't make it any less painful.

The guys were nice enough to drive me home since the car won't be ready until evening which was good because it was either they be nice like that or I'd be stuck with no internet at their shop and / or the Frost Dinner until 5 pm tonight. 

Screw this, I'm going to go have a nap.
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During my lunch with N at work yesterday, I expounded upon something that I probably already knew about how I interact with food but had never been able to really figure it out before.  If that makes sense ...

Anyway.  When I grocery shop, I tend to not buy a lot of junk food or snacks except for things I can take to work for lunches, though I do buy the odd thing.  This helps. When I have my own place / no shared food.  But as it is, there's a wonderfully stocked pantry / fridge / freezer where I live and lots of things to eat.

I've known for a long time that I can stop myself from buying it at the store but if it's there and in the house (or in the staff kitchen at work), I have a much harder time of resisting.  And the holidays were pretty bad, as they always are, because there was pie and cookies and cake and good lord, just roll me away from the house.  And pre-holiday wasn't any better because all of our vendors kept sending us goodies at work!

So, that I've always known but I hit upon something yesterday and it makes a lot of sense.  I don't really have a good sense of knowing when I honestly, truly want that cookie or if just want it because it's there, you know?  Because I don't have any problems with me having a piece of cake or a cookie or ice cream if I really want it but if I'm eating it just because it's there?  That's something I have an issue with.

Something to work on but at least I have a better understanding of why I sometimes feel really bad about eating something and other times, I don't.
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I (re)joined Weight Watchers last week because they were having a special (join for three months upfront and they'd waive the sign up fee.  Essentially, it was about the same for 3 months / no sign up fee than it was for 1 month / sign up and it means I don't have to worry about the price until about April.

I'm going to try and not over obsess about it because that'll be my downfall for sure.  I need to revisit some things, like always making sure I have that pre-breakfast fruit snack and having breakfast, that fell on the wayside.  Eating smaller meals a few times a day is the best thing for me and I've been really bad about having breakfast, which means I'm starving by the time lunch rolls around.

So of course my first true Weight Watchers week falls on Restaurant Week in DC.  *grins*  Again, not obsessing and not going to be guilty about the fact that I'm going out with Marissa on Wednesday (to The Willow) and Lauren on Friday (to The Monocle [and yes, I was intrigued by the name but it looks really good!]).

My plan on the way home on Monday is to stop by the Aquatic Center and sign up for their gym because doing the food thing only gets me so far if I don't work out.

If I don't obsess and beat myself up, there's less chance that I'll trip myself up.
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Oh lord, I managed to crack 10k (by 500 words!) on the Hermione-centric story last night (dear beta readers ... sorry!  Hah!).  And I'm only on chapter 3 out of GOD KNOWS HOW MANY.  I need to clean up chapter 2 and send it to the prisoners beta readers today.  As it is payday, I'm contemplating making my way out in this mess to the nearest B&N as I want to pick up a few books; they've got free wifi there and it'd be a change of pace from Panara.  Also, breakfast.

But that would mean pants...
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I raise my glass of wine to those who, like me, have suffered from stress, other people, more stress, and at times a lack of alcohol when needed most this week.  May your weeks be better and may your wine glasses never empty.

To keep with the theme, icons for drinking!  Take, comment, enjoy.

1.    2.    3.  

To Drinking! )
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You know what tastes better than Starbucks?  (Stop listing those other cafes, shush now.)

Free Starbucks.  Thank you random $10 as a 'valued' customer on my registered card - as money is a bit tight and I haven't been able to do grocery shopping this week, free breakfast for a day/two days is awesome.

*eats, drinks and is merry*

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Well, I've been back from Toronto for two weeks now and off my sleeping pills for three.  I had one bad night in Toronto where I couldn't sleep but other than that, I've had three weeks of decent to very good sleep.  Even if I can't hear the relaxation music I put on at night, waking up at 3 am and knowing it's there helps.  I think it's part of having a routine; though I always do worry that it's too loud and the roommates can hear it outside the door.


Work is, well, work.  We're into our summer casual stage, thank god, except that we have visitors Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so our 'casual day' is Wednesday next week. :P  After that, jeans and shirts (no writing allowed) Monday through Friday.  It was nice this week.


I've come up with a brilliant plan.  Saturday and Sunday I'm going to go through one to two boxes in my basement a day; go through the boxes, see what I want to keep, what I can donate/sell and what I can just toss.  That means less panicking the closer I get to moving out.  I'm also thinking of starting a list of household goods I have - it's a bit dorky but I like lists and I can then send it to Marissa to let her know what I've got coming into the house.

Mm, lists.

Also, I'll be heavily bribing my friends and family to help me move.  Keep August 8th cleared, kiddies.


We're having sushi today, huzzah.  Seeing Star Trek tonight and going to a pirate bar tomorrow for the birthday house celebrations (it's my birthday, it can last all month if I want it to).

Also, it's supposed to be really nice next weekend - I'm very tempted to head out to St. Michael's, an apparently really nice little town, to just do some sight seeing and get out and stretch my legs a bit.  I'd do it tomorrow but, well, pirate bar.  And it's a 2 hour drive both ways.  So.  Pirate bar.


Apr. 13th, 2009 07:28 am
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A good morning to everyone as well!  I've been awake for twenty minutes and already found out that my 'Composed of Nows' Doctor Who fic has been nominated for the Children of Time Awards and that I won second place (along side an honorable mention) for a Twitter contest being held by bookviewcafe.com.  The prize for second place is an autographed Asimov's Science Fiction issue.

Nice things to wake up to on a Monday.


Apr. 9th, 2009 03:38 pm
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I'm planning on getting new clothes with my next paycheck because I really need them.  In that vein, I'm being tempted by two new shirts from ModCloth but I can really only afford to get one.  The great thing is they have a fantastic return policy if it turns out I don't like how it fits but I'm not sure which one I should get.

Should I get this or this?  The blue one is catching my eye like mad (god, it's gorgeous) but I'm not sure about the top and, well, my top since I'm all Busty McBustinstein.  (What?)

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My amazon shipment has been sent off so I should receive it by Friday.  *flails*  It contains Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem, The Secret History of Moscow, and a random zombie/end of the world/vampire book - it pushed me up to free shipping. ^.^  Gives it to me now.

I was also randomly 'attacked' by a corgi and a terrier this morning on my way in - well, my shoes were, anyway.  The owner was very apologetic but I didn't mind and I got to spoil them for a few minutes before I went in to get my breakfast.

Mmm, wine

Feb. 21st, 2009 08:00 pm
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When my mom was visiting, I had a glass of wine that I fell in love with and I only just remembered the name of it.  It was a glass of S.A. Prüm Riesling "Essence" - it was actually so good that I think I need to pick up a bottle of it soon.  I rather like wines, especially whites, but I know nothing about them.

(Also, ps self, pasta expands you goof. o.O)
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1.  Clean:
     a.  Kitchen (One half of kitchen counters cleaned - we're off to lunch soon)  The boys are awesome
     b.  Dining room  We actually have space
     c.  Living room
     d.  Bedroom  -  for the love of all that's cute and fluffy, remember to DUST.
     e.  Wave to the lawn and laugh
2.  Laundry
3.  Logs
4.  Think about a haircut  Well I did think about one.
5.  Take over and rule the world
6.  Pie - this ties in directly with number 5
7.  If roommates allow it, blare music while cleaning so I can shake my booty.  Shake, shake - shake my booty.  Yeah.

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First, I wanted to thank everyone for their support and wishes over the last two weeks.  Life kind of sucked for a bit but you guys always come through.  And I got my mommy. :D  Thanks for the comments and emails - y'all rock.


My subconscious needs to go jump off a cliff.  I've been having pretty disturbing dreams and nightmares the last few nights.  Normally when I have nightmares, they're things that play off my weird brain issues.  I mean, I had those as well (I dreamt I was at my birthday dinner with half family and half friends and I got frustrated with not being able to order what I want and by the time I did, I was in tears and everyone left ...yeah.) but the others?  Damn.

One night I dreamt that I was a cop but I was carting around the soul of a serial killer - it was hotly debated about how I got it.  Either he attempted to kill me - and I saw that.  Nothing like watching someone gut me.  Or I killed him so I could then become a killer as well.  The gutting scenes, TWO of them, were very visiual and it only got worse.  When my personality switched over to his, it was a very physical reaction.  Bones breaking, muscles ripping, blood everywhere...

And I wish I could write as well as I want to because I don't have the words to say how freaky that actually was.


Work is apparently attempting to kill me.  This should surprise no one.


I seem to be still pretty stretched thin and I'm not quite sure how to unthin myself.


I have a giant monkey, my mom is visiting soon, my roommates are great, my friends are awesome and I'm the maid of honor in a good friends wedding.  Things could be much worse.

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Aw, hell.  I was so stressed last night that I had two pieces of toast with L.'s jam on it and completely forgot to eat dinner.  And I didn't have time to get breakfast this morning, so I'm stuck until 2 with a can of Diet Coke on my stomach.

I need an internal clock that zaps the crap out of me when I forget to eat.


Dec. 10th, 2008 07:01 pm
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I don't normally care for jelly though I adore L.'s home made raspberry jam (jam I probably enjoy more).  But I put it on a peanut butter sandwich and I'm reminded why I don't normally do that.

The peanut butter dilutes the jam and the jam dilutes the peanut butter.  *sad*


Dec. 8th, 2008 03:12 pm
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Chocolate is great therapy but do you know what's even better than chocolate?

Chocolate that comes with its own weapon.  There's a giant slab of chocolate in the kitchen and it came with it's own hammer so you can smack the chocolate to break off a piece.  It's FANTASTIC.

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YAY, I have a phone I can take out of the house and it doesn't have to be plugged in to use!  I have a real cell phone again!  So far I like it, with the exception of the scrolling feature.  That, apparently, is the Voyager's only big flaw but I can work around it by going to the keyboard which amuses me to no end.  Edit:  Oh, duh, I think I just figured out the scrolling feature - it's still not the best around but at least I can get it to scroll.

So I'm looking for phone numbers.  I've got a number of them but if you think I don't have yours or you have a new one, let me know.  Wants. :D  I've screened the comments.

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I finally, after listening to my father's voice in my head, broke down and purchased a winter jacket.  Up to this point, the warmest thing I owned for winter was a heavy hooded sweatshirt that my folks had purchased for me in Oxford.  Not exactly the height of comfort for the winter or the height of fashion.

I hit three stores.  Banana Republic had gorgeous jackets that were well beyond my ability to dip into my wallet (oh man, but I fell in love with this silk green dress they had there *sigh*); Gap had stuff more reasonably priced but they had a horrible selection; and, finally, my savior Old Navy.

Not only did they have a huge selection but for this week only, they were having a 50% off all outerwear sale.  I might go back on Friday to pick up some gloves and a scarf.  And after much trying on, I finally found an awesome jacket.

Black, falls to about mid-calf (one a taller person, it would be knee length, I think), and is double breasted.  It also has a raised "fake belt" thing (I don't know what it's really called), which I like.  But the best part?  The absolute best part?

It's a supervillain long coat.  When I button it up all the way, the wide collar flips up to pretty much cover my chin to my nose.  It's awesome

And at like $48 with the sales price it makes me very happy.

Oh metro

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:45 am
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Nothing like circling the parking lot because there are no spots to make one late to work.  I decided to cut my losses, go back home for 20 minutes, and then grab one of the reserved spots that pop open at 10.  There were an unusual number of parking police circling the lots as well or else I would have grabbed one before hand.

But in better news, guess what?  They elected Peter Petrelli as President!

...oh, wait, hang on - wrong universe.  ;)  Seriously, I'm incredibly excited that the person I voted for is now president elect.  He's not a perfect man and I certainly don't agree with all of his views and stances.  I don't expect miracles - the country has been on a downhill slide for a few years in terms of economy, etc. and it's going to take some hard work to get us back to where we were at.

But it's a new day and yesterday was a historical one at that.  And I thought McCain's speech was very gracious and I'm incredibly pleased that he didn't pull out the lawyers - stepping back around 10 pm instead of waiting until the very last minute made me happy since I found out before I went to bed.  Despite Florida's apparently best efforts at still trying to confuse their voters (connect the dots?  What?)...

It's going to be an interesting four years and my hat is off to the Redskins for losing and making this all possible.  ;)

In the meantime, Petrelli/Palmer 2012!


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