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I raise my glass of wine to those who, like me, have suffered from stress, other people, more stress, and at times a lack of alcohol when needed most this week.  May your weeks be better and may your wine glasses never empty.

To keep with the theme, icons for drinking!  Take, comment, enjoy.

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To Drinking! )
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Craaaap.  When I get back to using my dreamwidth journal for my cooking blog/whatever, this will be one for the history books.  I totally thought the slow cooker bolognese sauce would be done in 2 hours.  Not, you know, 4 even on high.  So I will either be eating dinner at 11 tonight or be eating the rest of the leftovers from last night (hardship, I know) and just box this up for lunches for, well, FOREVER AND A DAY, apparently.

In the mean time, I'm looking at doing another icon challenge.  So!  Give me a list of 4 words of different feelings.  Go my monkeys, go!
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Once upon a time, I promised to do icons for people, so here's the last of the set for [ profile] seraangel . Like always, these can go to a good home, just comment to let me know where they're going. They didn't have anything for LARPing so I subbed in role playing and, well, it was fun.

And the only thing I have to say about Paul McDermott is this - I'm not really sure who he is but based on some of these icons I made? DIBS on making him a villain in XP.

1. 2. 3.

Cheese! )

11. 12. 13.

Paul McDermott )

21. 22. 23.

Writing )
31. 32. 33.

Sky Diving )
40. 41. 42.

Role Playing )
So, normally I don't do this but I think my favorite out of all the icons I've done (and I've done some that I've just loved), my absolute favorites came from this post. I always do my top three favorites out of each pick for the preview and number 40 just makes me love that icon so much. It was a lot of fun to work out how to make the top section black and white but the bottom section in color and I think it came through so very very well. And number 31 and 21 are just ... gorgeous.

I took forever with these prompts because of work eating my soul but I'm hoping you guys liked them as much as I did and you'll play again when I ask for more prompts soon. (I'm not quite done as I'm actually going to take five of my interests and make icons. :) )
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Next round of icons goes to [ profile] deathpixie , who had asked for Dark city, serenity, small gods and airports.  As she'd only picked four and they didn't have much for small gods, I poked around on her interests and picked muse.  Hope you don't mind, my dear. :)

Once again, up for grabs - just comment to let me know where I can go look at my icons in their new home. ;)

1.    2.    3.  

Dark City )
11. 12. 13.

Serenity )

22. 23. 24.

Muse )

32. 33. 34.

Airports )

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At last, my next set of icons.  This time, it's for [ profile] maureenans , though sadly they had nothing of Mitch Langely, my dear.

1.    2.    3. 

Bones/Anthropology )
11. 12. 13.

School )
21. 22. 23.

Sign language )
31. 32. 33.

Swords )
Normal things apply - please feel free to take, as I love it when you do.  Just comment which one's you're taking and note where you got it from. :)
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Made for [ profile] nute :D.  Hope you like.  Edit:  Also, like all my icons, feel free to grab as long as you let me know. :D

1.    2.    3.  

Forensics )

11.    12.    13.  


18.    19.    20. 

Science Fiction )

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When my roommate Amanda, [ profile] starfishumd , looked at my icons on the couch a few days ago, she asked me to try my hand at "Happy".  Like always, these are up for grabs.  So, for Amanda:

1.    2.    3.  

Happy )

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Whoops, missed a night.  So, now for [ profile] nute , who asked for Punch icons (I'm not sure why one of them popped up but he was adorable so I made it into an icon - you'll see which one under the cut):

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Punch! )

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Much to ... maybe someone elses surprise but not mine ;), [personal profile] frito_kal  requested baking.  Also, I really, REALLY couldn't resist with the first icon. :D

As always, up for grabs.

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Baking )

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Third day of fulfilling requests - I think these are turning out brilliantly.  [ profile] seraangel requested "Sinister" and it provided a surprising number of really neat images to play with.


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Sinister ) 

Icons: Ice

Jul. 5th, 2009 03:26 pm
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Here are the icons for [ profile] amyamy's pick of ice.  All are up for grabs, usual 'rules' apply (validate me, essentially ;) ).

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Ice )

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I lied - I said once a week but I'm too impatient.  Once a day for the prompts, in order of how I received them.

Like always, feel free to grab, just let me know and attribute back to me.

So, [ profile] deathpixie  gave me 'flying' and these are from the first five search pages on getty:

1.    2.    3. 

Flying )

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So, if you guys were to give me words, I'll put them into Getty and make icons off of, say, the first five or 6 pages that jump up.  Come on, indulge me, it's been a trying week (and I'll do icon posts once a week for you guys).

This time, water.

Also, as always, these are up for grabs.  Just let me know if you're taking one and just credit. :D

1.    2.    3.  

Water, water everywhere... )


May. 23rd, 2009 10:07 pm
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Well, as it's been a while and I've been feeling a bit wistful, here's some wistful icons.  Feel free to take - just comment and attribute. :)

Also, a note - icons 9 and 11 were created from my own pictures.  And icon 10 was me just screwing around with icon 9.

1.   2.   3.
Pretty Icons )Pretty Icons )
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I've got such a vicious headache tonight that I'm probably going to go to bed soon.  There's an XP meme but I think I'm going to have to tackle that tomorrow.

CHALLENGE:  As I'm feeling awful, and I really stink sometimes at icons (I make good ones for folks but I can't ever figure them out for me) my challenge is this:  make me an icon you think represents me.  (And as much as I love monkeys, if you make me a monkey icon you have to make me something else. XD)  I'm tired of my default icon.  (Or pictures you think represent me and I'll crop. :D)
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Dark Knight, Doctor Who (Various Seasons, including four; lots of Master pics, some various companion and Doctor and Five!), and Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog.  Feel free to grab, just comment to let me know.

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Icons )


May. 17th, 2008 07:29 pm
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I started out by wanting to make some icons of pocket watches (1. I desperately want one, always have and 2. guys with them are hot :D) and it...morphed.  So: pocket watches, clock faces, gears/cogs, curtains/windows, building, books, etc.

Favorite three up, rest under the cut.  If anyone wants one, let me know and steal away.

1.   2.    3.  

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With the exception of this unholy headache (again; it's got to be eyestrain), tonight's been pretty pleasant.  There was enough snow on the ground to make my inner child squee (not enough to close anything down of course); Amanda made dinner and it was of the good and then she also made brownies, which were also of the good.

This weekend shall be spent mostly comatose, I believe.  I've got The Lost Room to watch from Nextflix, plus a ton of other stuff from Christmas.

And, oh, *points it icon* say hello to Twitchy. ^.~
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There's no real reason for me using this icon, I just wanted to show it off. :D  Monkey Jack totally rocked!
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About to go to bed but I just had to point out my latest icon.  I love Dr. Tran...


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