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A sudden, unexpected call from an old friend (I've known E for - 14 years now?) really made my night. We used to see each other once or twice a year but that dwindled due to life so it was really awesome that he suddenly called. It was nice reconnecting after so long and a nice thing to happen on a bit of a low feeling night.


May. 23rd, 2014 11:32 am
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Because this week hasn't been awesome enough, my car is in the shop. The TPMS light came on, so the tires are acting up; it's also making a really awful metal scraping noise. THAT doesn't sound good.

Or cheap.

Sitting at the shop for a bit. Fun times.

At least I just got the call that my new chairs are in and set up. (Except I have to pay the balance due...damn this week is shaping up to be pricier than it should be!)


Jan. 2nd, 2014 11:38 pm
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How is it that I spend most of my vacation going 'Should I read or nap?' and then one day go 'how is my time off almost over?' What evil sorcery has befallen me?

(I plan on doing a more detailed post when I'm not at my parents and have decent internet and my laptop again. The internet's so bad here that it's a waste dragging that huge thing here.)

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Due to some of the worst tooth pain I've yet experienced I'm currently holed up at the parents place for the night. I came over this morning to go with them to the cemetery and just really have not been up to driving myself back. It didn't help that I had eaten nothing except for a Kellogg's breakfast shake, so between the lack of food and the pain, my body is in rough shape.

So mom took me to the apartment to grab overnight stuff, feed the cat and - important - pay rent. I'm praying the pain ebbs; 3 pain pills and an endless stream of hot compresses have done very little.

Mom's making soup - god bless my parents.


Aug. 28th, 2013 06:03 pm
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So I think I'm getting the hang of Tumblr but need more people to follow! Your Tumblr names, give them to me. *grabbyhands*

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You never fully realize how much you need a vacation until the vacation is Right Goddamn There. Marissa and I have escaped to Charlottesville for the weekend and we are, get this:

Staying in a B&B that is ON a vineyard. What magic is this?

Oh, and the guy running it is a trained chef. Oh, and the owner is a chocolatier who gives you chocolates every night.


I'd write more but, as Marissa has said, it's wine and PJs time.

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Because I never share pictures on LJ anymore, here you go:

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Suck: another 2 1/2 hour morning commute, despite leaving 20 minutes earlier; 3 hour dentist appointment

Didn't suck: I think I finally found a kind, patient dentist who wants to travel back in time and punch the dentist who kind of assaulted me. (Dentist: If he laid a hand on you when you said 'no, please get my mom' that's assault in my eyes and no wonder you're terrified.). He promised to never do anything without permission or full explanation, even if it means running over the appointment time. So, yes, much love.

Oh, and he keeps bees out back of the practice and sells honey to patients. He looked quite delighted when I said it sounded like a pyramid scheme - sell sticky sweet stuff to people and then fix their teeth after.

And my parents took me to dinner due to high stress, where there was cider and good food with enough for lunch tomorrow. And now I sleep because's it's been such a day.

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Since I've just spent the last three hours cleaning, scrubbing and putting things away, I present to you the almost 100% completed Awesome apartment. (Still waiting on the sleeper couch for the bedroom and need to get curtains.) So, pictures!

It's looking great! )

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I'm accidentally starting birthday / vacation things off with dinner by myself at Matchbox (I actually like eating by myself on occasion). It was either that or sit in crippling traffic so - pizza!

I've been dreaming of Heather a lot lately. Normal dreams - like, last night, I dreamt I'd gotten a new job and she came to visit at the office. I don't remember much except, at one point, she looked at me, smiled and said 'what are we we doing for your birthday? It better be fun.' (Oh subconscious - reminding me how much I miss her and how much she would have wanted me to enjoy myself.)

It looks like birthday plans are thus tomorrow:

- 9 am hot stone massage
- dad takes me to a winery (Phillip Carter)
- we go try out the pub he heard about and hang out until
- dinner at Claire's at the Depot with mom for dinner

It'll be really rough - but I'll try for her.

And me.


Apr. 29th, 2013 07:15 pm
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The air mattress gave up the ghost - with me on it. I've had to rein flare it every night but the last three days have seen me waking up, on the floor essentially being smothered by the air mattress material.

The weekend was great but I'm just exhausted; from activities, work, bad sleep. And now I hurt - both shoulders and neck are fucked up from the air mattress attempted homicide.

I'm tired and in pain and just - I feel SO whiny -.-.


Apr. 27th, 2013 10:28 pm
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Too exhausted to post much but today was a rousing success. The girls lived the apartment, we had a great time at the winery and my dinner rocked.

dinner pic below )

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My brain is officially trying to leak out of my ears. Left work at 11, ate something and then slept until 2 or so. Woke, realized brain still trying to kill me, went back to sleep until a little bit ago.

Sleeping again sounds like a good plan. Sinus headache is turning into a grade a migraine.

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Apr. 12th, 2013 06:16 pm
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As a treat after a very rough week, I walked into town for a drink or two and dinner. A 5 minute walk and I'm seated, with cider, and waiting for my angus / short rib burger.

I've done the walk in with parents but this is my first time on my own. It's ... Really nice. Really really nice. I have two bakeries, a library, 6 restaurants and a number of shops all within a 5-ish minute walk.

Obviously I need to watch my spending since I now have rent and a cable bill but I'd like to establish a routine. Being a regular makes me happy and most of the places aren't horribly pricey. Once a week seems pretty okay.

I need to set routines in general. Life is all over the place right now and routines will make me feel a lot better.

Until then, short rib burger will have to do. And cider!

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Hard day

Apr. 1st, 2013 03:46 pm
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Heather's headstone was put into place without us realizing it, so we got - quite a shock on Saturday morning. (Look, it was probably a weird request for dad to ask that we be notified and be there for when it was delivered but they said 'yes' so it would have been nice to know...)

I compartmentalize really well and kept more of my reaction in than I would have as we were doing things after. It hit pretty hard last night, this feeling that it's really real and there's no waking up from this and carried through today.

I've lived with this for almost 8 months now - and, still, a part of me hadn't processed it. Still hasn't really. So I'm sitting here at Buzz, trying desperately to pull myself together before dinner with Nick and AJ, and wondering why I can't just find a cave to go and hibernate in for the next - year.

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Sitting at the Sea Pearl, waiting on Katherine and Brian, with Prosecco. Today was - really rough at work so I indulged in retail therapy. Tiny box of chocolates (one has scotch in it!), new perfume, two headbands and the most adorable scarf.

Owls. It has owls on it.

Also flirted outrageously with the butcher that just opened his shop - he's set aside some gorgeous cuts of steak that I'm picking up after dinner.

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Mar. 26th, 2013 08:10 pm
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You know, I was going to say something about how work has gone completely insane but I cannot get over how freaky the basement is here.

Straight out of The Shining freaky. Basements have always kind of freaked me out but this one wins the award for nightmare inducing.

Stairs almost giving way (or so it felt), dark and dingy, random buckets, dark corners, weird equipment ... D: never. Again.

(Don't judge me. Basements are where stalkers, snakes, spiders and possibly Gene Simmons hide in corners, waiting to jump out at you.)

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I was going to write about apartment life and emotions but no!

I found the Holy Grail of drink! Gin and prosecco with a twist of line. I am in love. (Dinner with the folks was a lot of fun tonight. Lots of laughing and hilarity.)

Later, something more in depth. Now, sleep.

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While full power is out thanks to snow, we DO have a generator. So most of the lights work (not my room of course), the fridge is fine and, even though the heating unit can't run on the generator, the pellet stove can. So we have food, lights and a fire - we're doing better than people in the city, actually!

Facebook and LJ will load through 3G but not gmail. I foresee a lot of reading, sleeping and board games today. Not bad for the middle of the work week!

Me in my sexy Russian hat (under a hoodie) after I'd shoveled and wheeled out the generator.

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