Apr. 25th, 2010 05:46 pm
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My sister and I didn't once drive over the side of the mountain while on our mini-sisters weekend. :D  It was so much fun and just the right kind of relaxation I needed.  I took over 300 pictures on my shiny new camera that was my birthday gift from my sister, so uploading them will be done soon.

So many things were exactly how I remembered the park from when I was a kid - I've really missed those vacations to the mountains.
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Alive, having a blast, love Ireland.

Mom celebrated her 50th.

Love Smithwick's beer, can enjoy some Murphy's, Guinness still makes me make faces.

Laptop dieing - we're off on the ferry tomorrow to Wales and then to Scotland on Tuesday, getting there in the afternoon/evening. Whirlwind portion of the trip starting, um, now. XD 300+ pictures and rising.
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As I have no idea what my 'net access will be like on Monday ...

Happy early birthday, [personal profile] frito_kal ! I hope you have a good one. :)

Now, I need to go finish up a couple of errands (with work stress gone, I'm so excited about my vacation that you cannot even imagine. I've called my mom EVERY DAY, nearly, this week! *flails*) and then to pack.

Holy crap

May. 12th, 2009 11:39 am
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Last night was the first time since I got to Toronto that I took my sleeping pills and, man, they hit like a ton of bricks attacked to a speeding truck.  I woke up only twice after passing out not even ten minutes after laying down - once when Rossi left and then once when Spike almost fell into the bag of charcoal.  Nothing like being half asleep and dragging a really confused cat out from a bag of charcoal...

I'll try and remember to do a more indepth write up of the birthday weekend, which was so awesome that I can't get over it, but not now as I need to shower and then get something to eat.
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Since I had forgotten my camera cord, I used my phone to take a majority of the picture.  *sigh*  I cannot get them off the phone without either 1. buying a card for it or 2. emailing them one at a time so those'll go up later.

Piiiiictures )
Well, that's it for the camera pics.  When I eventually get the other pictures of (Conwy Wales and London, to name a few locations), I'll post those.
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Flight was uneventful (though even with quick check in, the lines were pretty long so it didn't matter that I got there with oodles of time, I didn't get a chance to fire up the laptop) and we're now in England.  It's a testament to my exhaustion that I climbed into bed around 3 and didn't wake until 6:30...  And kept dozing on the couch.  We're off to Monkey World tomorrow but there'll be internet times.

Sleep now.  After I molest the Sausage Kitty.


Oct. 13th, 2008 10:53 am
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Reposting this - pictures from the cruise in Sept. and it's now unlocked!  XD
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I'm putting up this link now because I'm sitting next to [ profile] deathpixie  and she'll poke me if I don't. :D  So, my cruise vacation pictures!
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So, did you miss me?  *grins*

The trip was a wonderful, relaxing time - even with the hojillion old people (or maybe because of it).  I have a ton of pictures (between 250 and 300) on the laptop so I'll put up a good chunk of my favorite shots and then link to the rest.  It's a bit jarring to be back but S. took over all my incoming responsibilities while I was gone so there wasn't a pile o' stuff to come back to (unlike if I was still in the Resource Center; I'd be climbing Mount Paperwork just to get to my desk).

Lots of good memories but here are some cliff notes:

* Nothing says breath taking like climbing up a rock wall and looking over your shoulder to see miles and miles of open ocean under a nearly cloudless blue sky.

* Holding on for dear life to the top of a boat while we go in search of whales to watch (yes, two of the stops we got off a boat to get onto smaller boats).  Man, those things are huge.

* Curry crusted Salmon.

* Settling down in a hot tub as the coast of Canada drifts by - once again, under a gorgeous blue sky and a lot of sun.

So much more, so little brain power.


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