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During the conference itself, work's going to put me up at one of the six hotels that we have blocks with (they're all super nice) but, obviously, afterwards I'm on my own.  I'll be working from Friday through Tuesday and we'll be checking out of the company hotel that Wednesday - and I'll need to rest, I'll be exhausted.

I think I'll go from whatever hotel AFP puts me up in to The Sylvia and I had been thinking about leaving on Saturday to go back home but I figure that Wednesday is going to be a complete wash.  Between the checking out, traveling, checking in and then sleeping the sleep of the exhausted, that would have left me with two days to poke around Vancouver.  So I think I'll take Wednesday as a day of rest, use Thursday through Saturday to be a tourist and then go home on Sunday.

I'm starting to get really, really excited about this.

(And then there's that whole work thing before hand, I guess. ;) )
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Alive, having a blast, love Ireland.

Mom celebrated her 50th.

Love Smithwick's beer, can enjoy some Murphy's, Guinness still makes me make faces.

Laptop dieing - we're off on the ferry tomorrow to Wales and then to Scotland on Tuesday, getting there in the afternoon/evening. Whirlwind portion of the trip starting, um, now. XD 300+ pictures and rising.


Mar. 15th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Back from New York - I just finished dropping Lauren off at her apartment.  This was an amazing weekend, and while I wished I could have been there all Friday instead of just Friday night I don't feel like I missed out on anything.  Some of the best food I've ever had, great company, a little bit of drinking, sight seeing, Chicago was AMAZING.

For those who've seen Across the Universe, Carol Woods, the woman who sang "Let It Be", was the same woman who played Matron Mama Morton.  And she was wonderful.  In fact, the musical was just so freaking good and we had great seats.

So, basically:  I LOVE New York City and we'll certainly be going back.  Katie, Lauren and Ben were great company and getting to see Jazz made my day.  The food, both at the place in Little Italy and at Anthony Bourdain's (zomg, so worth the prices for both of those places), was amazing.  There was a zoo, central park, chilling and hanging out.  SO AWESOME.
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Flight was uneventful (though even with quick check in, the lines were pretty long so it didn't matter that I got there with oodles of time, I didn't get a chance to fire up the laptop) and we're now in England.  It's a testament to my exhaustion that I climbed into bed around 3 and didn't wake until 6:30...  And kept dozing on the couch.  We're off to Monkey World tomorrow but there'll be internet times.

Sleep now.  After I molest the Sausage Kitty.


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:28 am
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I don't need googlemaps anymore!  *hugs TomTom*

Away, away

Dec. 5th, 2008 04:21 pm
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I'll be down in the Hampton Roads area this weekend since I didn't see my sister over Thanksgiving.  Since I came in late today, due to insomnia last night, I'm working until 7 and then leaving to go straight down there.  At least work will be quiet for the last two hours that I'm here.
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Pictures from the recent trip to England. :)  I'm quite taken with a number of these shots, enough to ignore the few blurry ones. ;)


Nov. 29th, 2007 06:18 pm
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I GOT MY PASSPORT!  It's in my hot little hands right now!  Or, well, right now my cat is sitting on -- I think she might be trying to hatch little passports or something.  I got it!  I can go to England!  I can see my parents and Kate and Alasdair and EEEEE!  I'M GOING TO ENGLAND!  (This brought to you by my paranoia that it would be denied and I'd spend my Christmas alone, in despair.  My brain is a funny place.)

...I can fly to Toronto!  (Not at the same time, mind you but I can!  Whenever I want!  I don't have to drive!)

...dear GOD, American passports got fugly.  And I look drugged.


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