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Three days in and Mary was finally convinced that she had learned, if not yet mastered, the rhythms and patterns of the eldest Holmes' household.  Mycroft was in many ways much like his younger brother but different in others.

Where Sherlock seemed to embrace the very nature of chaos, his brother clung with the Holmes' own special brand of tenacity to the idea of order.  His order, perhaps, but order nonetheless.

He had a routine for every minute of the day and, regardless of if she was in the way or not, that routine would continue as if she weren't even then.  Not that Mycroft was rude to her or, at least, he wasn't rude to her by his defination.  He made sure to engage her in conversation, instructed Stanely to attend to her every need, and kept her abreast of what news he heard from her husband and Sherlock.

Mycroft also had no apparent issue with wandering his house in the nude, either, or randomly walking into her rooms without knocking or commenting on anything, and everything, that crossed his mind.  And, after three days, Mary had realized that a great many things crossed the mind of Mycroft Holmes.

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I finally got to see A Game of Shadows with the family yesterday and so, first, general non-spoilery impressions.

I did quite like it and I had a lot of fun but it didn't impress me as much as the first one.  I don't know what it was, there was no big one thing that stood out, but the impact was less than the first.  Still, it was rollicking and funny and, at times, emotional.  I think maybe I felt that they could have done just a little more, gone a little further, with some of their ideas and what they wanted to show us.

OTOH, watching Sherlock Holmes cling to the back of a pony was worth the price of admission.  Thoughts:

More detailed / spoilers )

So, overall, I really enjoyed it but it needed a little bit more of what the first movie had.  I can't put a finger on it but I hope that the third movie really brings it home.
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Title: Damnation
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Mary, Mrs. Hudson, (Baker Street Irregulars, Holmes, Watson)
Subject: If one is going to be married to Watson - and thereby, Holmes - one has to be a step ahead of the game.
Word Count: 782
Notes:  No beta and it was written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon for the prompt Sherlock Holmes, Mary Morstan, solving a case

"Dearest Mary," she intoned to an empty study, "Sherlock is in a right snit, must go play nanny, love, your brilliant and loving husband, John." )

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Title:  For Want of a Hat
Characters:  Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: G
Subject:  The story of the first meeting
Comments:  Not beta read in the least, completely off the cuff

For Want of a Hat )


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