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Dear Katz,

Your new game sucks.  Jumping silently from the bed up to the top of the computer chair and clinging there like some crazed voodoo monkey is not funny.

No Love
Your Owner who is now missing 4 years off her life, you psycho.

PS.  I love you
PPS.  Except I won't if you don't stop eating my hair.
PPPS.  No, really, you can stop that now.

My poor cat

Apr. 1st, 2009 09:58 am
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I apparently abused my cat a great deal last night/this morning.

Last night, I was plagued by nightmares - the biggest, most vivid one involved spider-vampire people.  They were creepy, crawling all over me, trying to bite me.  The worst of two things combined - creepy looking dead people hunched over and skittering around on four legs like a malformed spider.  I thought I'd killed them all but then one started crawling all over my back...

I woke up, completely freaking out as I felt something walking all over my back and I flailed around ... until my cat fell off the bed, meowing and completely freaked out in turn.  Apparently she'd been doing the "turn in circles before getting comfortable" routine and I rudely interrupted it by flinging her off the bed.

And then, when my alarm went off, I rolled over and planted a hand on the bed so I could lunge at the clock/then the fan - only to find myself not with a handful of mattress but a handful of kitty head.  I couldn't quite stop my momentum and - squish. -.-

She ignored me for the rest of the time I was home.

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I think my roommate's cat is stuck in my window.  (I opened it up a little bit for a breeze and she wedged herself under it - now she's wiggling about a lot and I can't figure if it's because she's stuck or has an itch.)

(I'm feeling a little better than I did earlier - I felt like I was crying out for attention which is why the no comments but I needed to get it out. XD  I still feel all weird and I've a headache from crying [half the room was crying with me] but the weather melted some of it away, as did sticking my nose in a book or two.  And, well, watching the cat wiggle around in my window is something else, too...)
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I have an elephant instead of a cat.  For something that doesn't even weigh 10 lbs, how on earth can she sound like an entire herd stampeding through my house?

Katz:  Look at me, looook at meeeee I'm super faaaast!  *throws self on bed*  HOLY CRAP THERE'S A BAG!  *proceeds to turn into KittyNeo/Nightcrawler so she can twist her body around and teleport to not land on the bag*
Bag:  ....
Katz: *stares at bag*
Bag:  ....
Katz:  *tries to eat bag*
Bag:  *RUSTLE*
Katz:  HOLY CRAP THERE'S A BAG! *goes tearing off the bed, back into the living room*
Bag:  *smug silence*
Me:  *sigh*

.2 seconds later...

Katz:  Look at me, looook at meeee....
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Katz: Hey, hey, hey, heeeeey. Mom! Where you going?
Me: *attempting to not crush cat underfoot* I'm getting into the shower. *closes the door*
*muffled* Katz: Mooooom! Mooooom! *smacks the door* No one's here to pet me, let me in!
Me: *opens the door, lets cat in* You're not going to like it in here, it's small.
Katz: Yay, new space! *immediately attempts to climb into the sink and then gets stuck on the trash can*
Me: *sighs, gets in shower*
Katz: La la la, I'll lay on your - HOLY CRAP THERE'S WATER IN THAT THING YOU'RE IN! *cue frantic circles around the bathroom*
Me: Argh, I'm naked and in the shower - you can wait to be let out.
Katz: *freaking out, comes to sit on the closed toilet seat* Mooooom! Save yourself! *shoves head behind the shower curtain to look at me*
Me: ...
Katz: ...
Me: *flicks water on her*
Katz: AAAAIIIIEEEEE! *runs around and then comes back and nearly falls into the shower*
Me: *has soap in eyes* Oh my god.

We eventually came out, after she attacked my bra and I dried off. :P


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