Tax time

Jan. 27th, 2012 01:16 pm
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I love that the last few years I've owed the state of Virginia $40*.  It's like they're coming to me and going "Can I borrow some money for dinner?"

(I am not complaining about this as it could be a much larger amount.  I do, however, find it kind of amusing.)
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Good news!  There was nothing actually hanging from the carriage of my car, so that's a relief.

Bad news!  In total, I'm looking at shelling out around $1,000 today!  Fuck!  The issues are:

a. That noise?  Not something dragging but, instead, the fact that I pretty much have no brakes left.
b.  A cracked belt
c.  The car needs all four tires replaced

They're also doing things such as changing the oil, cleaning the lights and doing the state inspection (since it's up this month anyway).

Ugh.  I mean, this is why I have savings but after this, savings will be back to nothing.  I keep telling myself that this is why I have savings but stiiiiill.  *sigh*  I spend upwards of 3 hours in my car every day, so this is important but it doesn't make it any less painful.

The guys were nice enough to drive me home since the car won't be ready until evening which was good because it was either they be nice like that or I'd be stuck with no internet at their shop and / or the Frost Dinner until 5 pm tonight. 

Screw this, I'm going to go have a nap.
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Why have I never shopped at Old Navy before?  How could I have missed out on it's awesomeness?  No, seriously, I got this adorable shirt there for like $6 (yay sales!  Though the general prices weren't bad at all).  I should have just stayed there and gotten a few more things instead of dragging my unamused butt around town to places I couldn't afford.

Finally ended up at Annie Sez and got two cute blouses for like $25 total.  It's the time of year where I have to start putting away summer casual and bring out the work casual stuff again. :P  Luckily, with the exception of actual t-shirts, most of my clothes can be worn with either jeans or slacks.  I just need new slacks.  *sigh*

Car Update

Aug. 25th, 2005 04:35 pm
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Well, the guys got here and they popped off my tire and put on the spare in less than three minutes. I was in awe. With the prospect of not having to have my car towed, I decided to take it to the dealership. I tend to prefer them over regular garages, mainly because I can almost always get SOME kind of discount out of them.

Got it to Stafford, found out it was going to be later in the afternoon before they could have it done. Well, there went any places to actually, you know, work today. The nice gentlemen at the dealership decided that it would be a shame for a young woman like me to get squished into a thousand squishy things while crossing Rt. 610, so they drove me over to the shopping complex.

Got the call after I discovered the bookstore and nearly had a freaking heart attack. Both back tires needed to be replaced and with the oil change (really, the 45,000 mile whatever) it was going to be $230. After discussing it with the guy, it was decided that I can wait on the back tire that didn't deflate until next week, when I get paid.

This dropped it down to $149. Still ow but nearly $100 cheaper makes me happy.

So, yeah, am going to cancel trip to Gettysburg. *shrug* As much as I want to go, finances dictate that I can't. I'm disappointed but not too much. It's amazing what perspective can get you.

It could have been MUCH worse, something I couldn't afford. But because I had been saving up, the emergancy was more than taken care of. Live tends to throw curve balls, I'm just glad I'm getting in the habit of being able to actually hit them out of the park when I need to.


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