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Die in a fire, insomnia.  Die.  In.  A.  Fire.

Edit:  Aaaand now I'm at work already. :P
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If anyone has those relaxing sound tracks (you know, the hour long rain storm things), could you drop them to me?  I'm trying to play them while I sleep at night but they're kind of pricey from iTunes ($10 - I know it's an hour but still).  I've been off sleeping pills since my trip and this seems to be helping.

(PSST,  Mom, if you're reading this get dad to send me the mp3's of his?  I KNOW he's got some.)

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I say, again, I hate insomnia so much.  And the weird dreams that I get when I finally do fall asleep at 5 am.

Now to force my way through morning Baltimore traffic to get to the conference - it looks like I'm really going to enjoy myself in the next two days.  Alsoalso, I have a date on Friday night so once I get done with the conference, I'll be off to that.  He'll get to see me in work clothes but at least I picked the cute work clothes.

...yeah, I'm about to head out with no details on that because I'm a MEANIE. :D

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I finally fell asleep around 6 this morning but kept waking up every hour or so - the problem with insomnia is that it doesn't just mess with the sleep.  I'm slightly dizzy, bleary and very exhausted right now but I couldn't sleep any longer or I might have problems tonight.  It really, really didn't help that my cat, used to me getting up around 6:50, was confused and loud this morning.  I finally resorted to yanking her under the covers and holding her there until she fell asleep.

And yesterday morning, I went out back to try and tame some of the jungle in our backyard - I was out there for like 10 minutes.  I have over 30 bug bites on my legs, though nowhere as painful as the one that Ben had after the BBQ.

I itch, I'm tired and blargh right now.
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Wow.  I had almost - almost - managed to forget how much insomnia sucked.

Let's see if I can get past the second chapter in Diablo II before I try to, once again, get some sleep.


Oh, screw you sleep patterns.  Screw you.  *checks work email*  (Shut it!)

Oh my God

Jun. 1st, 2007 06:06 am
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It's a little after six in the morning and I'm awake.  Actually, let me clarify--it's a little after six in the morning and I haven't slept yet.  I ran out of my sleeping pills Wednesday and, yeah, apparently the insomnia is very much alive right now. -.-  Going to get the pills refilled today.  I'm drinking water because the stomach is very unhappy with me which happens a lot when I can't sleep.

On the other hand, [profile] starfishumd's cat is currently keeping me company.  By attempting to lay on the laptop but it's something. :D

If anyone has insomnia tips, please, please feel free to let me in on them.  The insomnia is not getting any better and I'm going to have to get this looked into more.


And I'm finally moved in.  Huzzah!  I'm crashing in the basement until the roommate that's leaving moves out but that's just for a week--and the basement is so nice and cool right now.  Which was the saving grace for my insomnia, really (er, need to remember: there's TV here, I can watch that the next time I can't sleep if I keep it low enough).

Took yesterday off to do the last of what needed to be done.  Momma and sister came up to help me with the trash and the remaining stuff, which helped so, so, so much.  There's a ton of stuff in my car but, eh, I'll get that after work.

It's more than a bit weird since I've lived in that apartment for around 4 years now.  But I'm going to like it here--I dig all the new roommates a lot, I love the space in the house and the area is fantastic.

I'm also bruised, beaten and sore but that's not surprising.

And now, I think I'll shower and head out.  I'll get to work early and do.  Stuff.  Yeah.
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Dear god insomnia sucks.  I get my sleep pills tomorrow, thankfully, but I'm not even remotely tired.  Sleep is for other people tonight, apparently.


Feb. 28th, 2007 04:36 pm
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There is a very, very good chance that I'll be working late tonight.  My cut off point is 8, 9 at the very latest and only if I really want to get off work super early on Friday.  I'm going totally mad.  And even when I leave work, I still have to go to the grocery store.  So there's a very good chance I won't be online tonight, I have to be in bed early considering I'm only running on two hours of very ragged sleep.

(I've got Ambien filled today and I'm not afraid to use it.)

Seriously frazzled and it gets worse because I know things aren't going to be calming down here at all soon.  Almost conference time.

Kill.  Me.  Now.


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