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Wow, guys, I think I've found a stylist that I'll keep going to while I live here.  My mom recommended her guy, Frank, downtown and I set up an appointment for 5 with him.  He's great - real down to earth and funny; he and his wife own the Galloping Grape, a store in town that does wine and horse stuff (real horse stuff, like saddles), so we talked about wines, beers and cats (they have five cats at home, two barn cats and one that lives at the GG).

I'm really liking the cut, though the bangs are taking some getting used to (and I'm secretly afraid that the style makes me look old; I'll try and post pics tomorrow when I've got WiFi for the iPod).  He cut off a lot of hair without killing the length, so it's so much lighter now.  I knew people could do that but no one really ever has for me so it was kind of an eye opener.

Without tip but with a bottle of shampoo that he recommended (look, I know they always try the sell but Frank's pretty straight with you.  If he didn't think it was going to work, he wouldn't have talked to me about it.  Also, it was 40% off.), I spent $65.  Which considering that was what some people in Alexandria / Arlington started me at, is really good.

Also, I left work early (40 minutes) because I was afraid of hitting traffic.  But I forgot that to get to town it's only 55 minutes (20 extra to get to the house), so I wound up in town an hour a head of schedule.  So I took myself to the used bookstore since I have $25 in credit.  I left with five books and $15 in credit left.  I loved used bookstores for that exact reason.

So, now I'm now going to go open a bottle of cider that I thought was pear but only turned out to have a pear on the label (what the hell?  At least it's still tasty) and try to get through some e-mails.  But with the rain, if I can't get to them tonight, I'll be hitting them pretty hard tomorrow.
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This pretty much all started yesterday morning; around 9 a.m., we had a power blip and I woke up because the house alarm went nuts.  I ran to fix it, came back, put the clock on the appropriate hour and fell back asleep for another hour or so.  Fast forward throughout the day and now I go to bed and I turn on the alarm for the morning.  It's about, hmm, 10:45 or so and I'm asleep pretty quickly.

Until the alarm goes off.  At 12:00 a.m. because I apparently hadn't bothered to update the alarm on the clock after the power went off, just the time.  I just about fell out of bed as I frantically tried to turn the stupid thing off and then I spend the next ten minutes holding the clock an inch from my face as I set it for 5:10 a.m.  (Don't judge me, I couldn't find my glasses and I'm blind as a bat without them. :P  Marion deciding it must be play time [with my face] didn't help, either.)

And I don't know how it escaped my notice (oh wait, I do know!  12:00 + Marion + no glasses = I'm lucky I didn't set it to explode!) but I woke up at 5:11 and realized that while I had set the time correctly, I hadn't actually pressed the button to make the alarm turn on.  Thankfully, I woke up by myself but that could have been a disaster ...


Anyway, I'm feeling better and I have a peach muffin from Wegmans, so, all is good.


Jun. 30th, 2009 01:16 pm
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Oh.  Since I want to be almost completely packed for the move in time for me to go to DexCon, I have to start seriously packing in the next week or so.

...that's a bit depressing and exciting at the same time.


Apr. 26th, 2009 11:29 am
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It's just about 11:30 and I've already been up for two hours, showered, dressed, laundry put up, bed made, floor swept (again), and the last bits and pieces taken care of.  *lounges in CLEAN ROOM*

I have two windows in this room and they both have these gorgeous light yellow curtains on them.  They're pulled back now on the curtain catchers we put up (metal with leaves on the ends) and sunlight is pouring in; what portions of the curtains still hang in front of the windows are a warm color, adding an unexpected cheer to the room - the stained glass I have hanging in one of them is bright and cheery now as well.  I am in love with my windows.

And with this room.  When it's clean like this, when the sun is coming in, I just think that this is a surprisingly well put together room.  Some of the older furniture may not match, exactly, but the browns of the sheets go well with the brown and golds of the carpets, and they all compliment the brown, gold and blue painting that hangs over my bed.

Once again, I enjoy being in my room.  It's nice to find my center again.


Apr. 25th, 2009 03:38 pm
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It's hoooooot.  *whiiiiine*

And I'm cleaning.  Which, actually, is a good sign.  It means I've shaken off the blargh that's been piling up around my head for weeks now.  I know it's bad when the mess doesn't even bother me anymore but I reached my breaking point this morning.  On top of the clutter, I was running out of room for all of my TBR books so I had to do a little bit of rearranging.  (I shuffled over the little bookcase and my desk to the right and moved the three drawer night stand on the light side of the desk were there's now room; the books run across the entire tops of all three now. ...XD!)

So I've dusted, swept, cleaned off and threw stuff into the closet (what?  It's a project for another weekend).  The bed has stuff on it because I'm waiting for the laundry to be done and then it all goes up.  And maybe I'll take pictures because my mom is always amused when my room is actually, you know, clean.

And now, because I like lists, my TBR books:
Booooks )

...this is not to indicate that I don't want books for my birthday or gift cards to bookstores.  Because I'm addicted.  ^.^
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-Eat breakfast
     *Dining room
     *Living room
     *Bathroom - Eh, someone else can do it.  Everything else is done but that and sweeping (outside of the bedroom, anyway).
-Logs (Responded now that my head is no longer falling off the body and they are in progress. :D)

My reward, so far, is to make myself a cup of tea after cleaning the kitchen.  If I get everything else done, or mostly done, I might go out and get some Easter Candy or something.  The house is empty and I'm antsy after being really out of it all day yesterday - so, cleaning.

Edit:  I sometimes forget how much I like tea - I seem to only drink it when I'm on vacation somewhere.  I'm glad I spotted the English Breakfast package in the store last week and bought it.  *hums happily*
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One of the things I found while cleaning out my car was a Smart Trip card that I had lost about a year, if not more, ago.  Since I get mine through work, they just replaced it and I gave up trying to find the old one.  So when I found it again, I had no idea how much - if anything - was still on the card; I decided to bring it with me when we used the metro to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

I would have been happy with $10 - I ended up with a surprise of $77 on the card!!  I nearly did a happy dance because this means I'm only going to need to put, like, $20 towards metro fare for the second half the month.  ^.^  I'm so glad I cleaned out the car today.


Apr. 4th, 2009 12:18 pm
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You know it's been a while since you did a thorough cleaning of your car when you go "...road flares?  I have road flares?". XD  (Thanks, dad. :D)
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I think my roommate's cat is stuck in my window.  (I opened it up a little bit for a breeze and she wedged herself under it - now she's wiggling about a lot and I can't figure if it's because she's stuck or has an itch.)

(I'm feeling a little better than I did earlier - I felt like I was crying out for attention which is why the no comments but I needed to get it out. XD  I still feel all weird and I've a headache from crying [half the room was crying with me] but the weather melted some of it away, as did sticking my nose in a book or two.  And, well, watching the cat wiggle around in my window is something else, too...)


Mar. 17th, 2009 07:08 pm
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I'm making dinner and jamming to Chess on my iPod as I do prep work - I forgot that, really, next to Les Miserables that this is one of my favorite musicals.  I'm too tired to really celebrate Christmas St. Pat's but I've got my green on at least.  There won't be beer, probably, but I'll make do.  I'm in a much better mood than I was all day, when I was debeating if biting people was a doable plan.

So, dinner.  Than logs for XP, maybe some writing and chat.


Mar. 9th, 2009 08:47 pm
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I'm completely my own worst critic, especially when it comes to food.  I didn't quite realize how long it would take to boil water to get the peppers going, so the dinner I promised at 8 isn't going to be done until 9.  If this was for just me, I wouldn't care.

(I realize I'm probably just a slight PMS-y because the feelings of guilt are really not warranted here and yet I can't shake it.

On the other hand, I've apparently lost 3 lbs.)


Feb. 7th, 2009 11:35 am
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Third day at the gym and it was the kwando class.  And true to his word, a grinning George was watching towards the end. :P  Kwando ... it's different.  Jennifer who runs the class likes that I have TKD training but told me that the best thing to do is to keep the idea of the body from TKD but to let go of the forms.  The kicks are different, they throw punches that would make Khan wince - but it's not about form.  They aren't teaching us to defend ourselves, it's a cardio class.

It's a cardio class that kicked my butt.

I'm going to stick with it and see what comes of it.  I need a better bra, though. *cuddles chest*  Sweet Jesus, that hurt.

I also like that since it was at 9:30, I've got my entire day in front of me.  I need to eat, shower and do some cleaning; errands need to be run.  After that, though, I think it's me time.  Todd's floating around here but the other two roommates are gone so I'll put on a movie or something once I'm done cleaning and errands are done.

3 days so far, I'm hurting but I feel good about myself. Let's see if I can stick it through.  Taking the next two days off and I've got my official personal training session on Tuesday night at 7.

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The house is starting to look pretty good but my room hasn't even been touched yet, le sigh.  I just finished up the living room - dusted, swept, random bits of stuff picked up - identified and then delivered to whoever it belonged to, carpet put back down, some light rearranging.  No, I mean that literally.  I rearranged the lights.

Next is the bathtub, sink and toilet since Todd attacked the bathroom floor yesterday.  And then the bedroom.  *groan*  Will take a ten minute break, though, to enjoy a glass of pomegranate lemonade (nggh) and maybe flip through my book.  It's taking longer than normal for me to get through it because of the style of language that the writer decided to use.  Not a bad book but one that I'll get the sequal only once it's in actual paperback and not the inbetween hard cover and paperback that this was in.

I swear I'm tired of having to take days to clean the house - I'm going to try for once a week because then it means it doesn't take forever.
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So many things...

Last night, [ profile] diamond_dust06  was awesome enough to invite me over to his family Thanksgiving meal - I haven't had a holiday meal with that many people in ages.  But his family was awesome, the food was fantastic and due to a pie mix up we were able to take an entire pumpkin pie home. :D  Yeah, no one was complaining about that but there were plenty of O.O expressions at the sheer amount of pie.  This makes the second Thanksgiving this year that people have been awesome enough to have me over - I love my friends.

With the exception of dinner, I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing except for playing video games.  It was glorious.

Today was a little more of the same, though I did venture out into the Black Friday holiday sales.  Though, really, I just went to Linen & Things to gleefully run around in their "everything must go" sale again and then I went and got groceries.

My loot from L&T makes me very happy.  Someone finally managed to get a third bookcase. :D  I no longer am doubling up on my shelves (except for the larger volumes since they don't fit on the new one)!  And I even have two+ shelves free.  The TBR pile has slowly dwindled down but I'm hoping Christmas, as always, refreshes the pile.  But the TBR books have moved so I could put my cookbooks on top of my computer desk.

Tonight, I'm making my mom's sausage stuffing (I had purchased enough to make four things of it for work's potluck but only did three) and there's an entire pumpkin pie in the fridge; we're having a small Thanksgiving dinner tonight. ;)

And sometime this weekend, I'll be making feta stuffed chicken over spinach - it looks good, let's see how it turns out.  I just need to figure out how to butterfly/put a pouch in my chicken...

What's in store for me this weekend?  Absolutely nothing and it is grand.  I've got the next four episodes of Band of Brothers to watch and that's about it.

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Okay, well, not super early but I got up at 6:30 today instead of 6:45 (or, uh, sometimes even 7...XD) and it made a world of difference.  My whole plan was to be able to eat breakfast at home but what would I do for the half an hour that I'm at work but not working in the morning?  And more importantly, since I don't eat lunch until 2 I realized that waiting until 8:30 or 9 to have breakfast is better for me.  So I don't eat a coworker by the time noon comes around.

I did, however, manage to actually pick out what I want to wear instead of reaching into the closet and grabbing; and there's even make-up this morning.  With foundation.  *gasp*  And then I was able to figure out what I want for lunch instead of a repeat of the clothes picking. :D  And the bed is made!  For the third day in a row!

The world is officially going to end. ;)

Now I just futz and try to not touch my eyes until Ben's ready to go.

Oh guilt

Nov. 14th, 2008 11:59 am
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Since I actually, for the most part, enjoy my job I always feel slightly guilty when I take off unexpectedly.  Granted I have good reason today but, well, after the appointment I think I'm going to try and get some things done.  Also, if I do things today I won't have to worry about doing this this weekend.

-Grocery shopping.  Going to try out that other Giant since Ben seems to really like it.
-Buy more cat food - AFTER the appointment and after I drown myself in allergy meds
-Clean: room, possibly bathroom depending on how cranky my back is
-Go through work email
-Call mom :D
-Stare out into the yard and hope that some lawn gnomes come by and do it for me

Right now, though, I've got about an hour and a half until I have to leave so I'm going to get lunch and then bum around for a while.
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I totally forgot how cracky Big Trouble in Little China is and how much I actually do enjoy Kurt Russell (dear brain, Jack Russell is the dog, Kurt Russell is the actor XP).  For the crack. I also just had sweet Italian sausage and there's vegetarian Indian for dinner tonight for Amanda's birthday - which I get to pick up Lauren for. :D  And then we go back to Baltimore to finish celebrating at Howl at the Moon (I have fond memories of that place ;) ), at which point I throw myself on Lauren's mercy (and her apartment) so we can hang out tomorrow.


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So I just spent however long Transformers really is, watching...well, okay, duh...under the stars with two of my roommates and Arthur.  (If you have to guess which one one of the roommates was, you obviously have not been paying any attention.)  And about 7,000 of our nearest and dearest neighbors.  We're going to forget about the slightly screamy, slightly irritating 7,000 of our nearest and dearest neighbors.

Transformers isn't the deepest of movies (bwahahaha) but it's certainly entertaining and makes my little geeky heart squeal with glee every time the Transformer noise happens or a line from the classics pop up.  "Autobots, roll out!" will always get me to wave my hands like Wallace in Wallace and Gromit whenever cheese is mentioned.

Geekdom is my cheese.

So, yes.  Transformers, on a honkin' huge (and inflatable) outdoor movie screen; rather decent food (thank you Hard Times booth); on a night that was utterly gorgeous with stars overhead and a cool breeze; and people who get my inane humor.  *pause*  And with people who either get it, or start it, or do my humor at the same time I do.

I'm looking at you, Ben.  :D

Tomorrow is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I think I'm going to head over at 7:30 to get better seating and food before the locusts come and devour everything like they did tonight.  Much to my eternal sadness, I was unable to find anyone selling funnel cake.  I will, however, molest the cotton candy seller tomorrow like no one's business.
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Why have I never shopped at Old Navy before?  How could I have missed out on it's awesomeness?  No, seriously, I got this adorable shirt there for like $6 (yay sales!  Though the general prices weren't bad at all).  I should have just stayed there and gotten a few more things instead of dragging my unamused butt around town to places I couldn't afford.

Finally ended up at Annie Sez and got two cute blouses for like $25 total.  It's the time of year where I have to start putting away summer casual and bring out the work casual stuff again. :P  Luckily, with the exception of actual t-shirts, most of my clothes can be worn with either jeans or slacks.  I just need new slacks.  *sigh*
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Commercial:  "Passion was invented in America!"

Me:  "Weren't the first folks over...Puritans?"


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