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I've had a few people ask me about this so here's my wishlist. Things I'm into this year: steampunk, books, cooking, makeup, icons/fics.

I'm putting together my list of things to buy for people, so I'll be starting to purchase things after my vacation ends. :D
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Since I'll be home for Christmas this year, I'm thinking about doing Christmas Cards. Let me know in the comments if you want one - comments are screened so you can give me your address. Also, feel free to comment if you've posted something like this in your journal so I can sign up for one of yours. :D
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-Eat breakfast
     *Dining room
     *Living room
     *Bathroom - Eh, someone else can do it.  Everything else is done but that and sweeping (outside of the bedroom, anyway).
-Logs (Responded now that my head is no longer falling off the body and they are in progress. :D)

My reward, so far, is to make myself a cup of tea after cleaning the kitchen.  If I get everything else done, or mostly done, I might go out and get some Easter Candy or something.  The house is empty and I'm antsy after being really out of it all day yesterday - so, cleaning.

Edit:  I sometimes forget how much I like tea - I seem to only drink it when I'm on vacation somewhere.  I'm glad I spotted the English Breakfast package in the store last week and bought it.  *hums happily*

Oh my god

Apr. 9th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I'm sleepy and well fed and I want to sleep.  I did not take Ben or Marissa as seriously as I should have because I swear I haven't seen that much food on even a Thanksgiving table in YEARS.  It was really interesting to watch - and take part of! - the seder.  If someone had told me there were finger puppets involved, I would have gone to one years ago.

I was also sent home with a tray of food.  Not a plate of food.  A tray.  I'm in awe, a little bit afraid and a little bit in love with Marissa's mom.

Now to take out the garbage and go to sleep.  Food.  Coma.

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So many things...

Last night, [ profile] diamond_dust06  was awesome enough to invite me over to his family Thanksgiving meal - I haven't had a holiday meal with that many people in ages.  But his family was awesome, the food was fantastic and due to a pie mix up we were able to take an entire pumpkin pie home. :D  Yeah, no one was complaining about that but there were plenty of O.O expressions at the sheer amount of pie.  This makes the second Thanksgiving this year that people have been awesome enough to have me over - I love my friends.

With the exception of dinner, I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing except for playing video games.  It was glorious.

Today was a little more of the same, though I did venture out into the Black Friday holiday sales.  Though, really, I just went to Linen & Things to gleefully run around in their "everything must go" sale again and then I went and got groceries.

My loot from L&T makes me very happy.  Someone finally managed to get a third bookcase. :D  I no longer am doubling up on my shelves (except for the larger volumes since they don't fit on the new one)!  And I even have two+ shelves free.  The TBR pile has slowly dwindled down but I'm hoping Christmas, as always, refreshes the pile.  But the TBR books have moved so I could put my cookbooks on top of my computer desk.

Tonight, I'm making my mom's sausage stuffing (I had purchased enough to make four things of it for work's potluck but only did three) and there's an entire pumpkin pie in the fridge; we're having a small Thanksgiving dinner tonight. ;)

And sometime this weekend, I'll be making feta stuffed chicken over spinach - it looks good, let's see how it turns out.  I just need to figure out how to butterfly/put a pouch in my chicken...

What's in store for me this weekend?  Absolutely nothing and it is grand.  I've got the next four episodes of Band of Brothers to watch and that's about it.


Nov. 25th, 2008 10:18 am
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A couple of people have been asking what I want for Christmas, so here's my Amazon wishlist:

My Wish List

Also, things like gift cards to Borders/Books A Million would be cherished as well. :D

So far for the holidays, Ben and my dad have been taken care of (though I might get something small to supplement both), my sister has a few things. It leaves a number of other people...XD


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