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I'll stop talking about this when it starts getting routine. ;)

I went for my actual free personal training session and I got trainer Lisa who I met last Thursday; she's down to earth, funny and full of kick my buttness.  No, really, she is.  I don't hurt as much as I did with George - who I ran into tonight and who gave me a hard time; I think I've found a friend *grins* - but she certainly pushed my limits tonight.

Treadmill for 10 minutes at a fast pace with various up and down hills; various upper body machines; crunches, which she showed me exactly what I was doing wrong with them in TKD - it's amazing, for once my back isn't pretending it's France and throwing down the barricades after 30 of them; and planks.  I.  Hate.  Planks.

I got chided for not eating anything since lunch (two hours before workout, have something on stomach) and for not bringing water.  And also for not breathing.  I got poked in the stomach!  "There's all that air."  "Gah."

We sat down to discuss price and I told her that I'd love to keep working with her but what's going to make or break it isn't the time, it's the pricing.  Much to my surprise, she put down the price book and penciled me in for tomorrow at 8 - yet another free personal training session.  That's the third one when I'm only supposed to get one.  I don't know why but I'm not going to complain.  So tomorrow we talk price and apparently while she'd like to see me twice a week I can do once a week.

Please let it not be pricey...

But you know, after a pretty shitty day (between this morning, work being hellish and people from everywhere going insane) a good solid work out really did my piece of mind some good.


Feb. 7th, 2009 11:35 am
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Third day at the gym and it was the kwando class.  And true to his word, a grinning George was watching towards the end. :P  Kwando ... it's different.  Jennifer who runs the class likes that I have TKD training but told me that the best thing to do is to keep the idea of the body from TKD but to let go of the forms.  The kicks are different, they throw punches that would make Khan wince - but it's not about form.  They aren't teaching us to defend ourselves, it's a cardio class.

It's a cardio class that kicked my butt.

I'm going to stick with it and see what comes of it.  I need a better bra, though. *cuddles chest*  Sweet Jesus, that hurt.

I also like that since it was at 9:30, I've got my entire day in front of me.  I need to eat, shower and do some cleaning; errands need to be run.  After that, though, I think it's me time.  Todd's floating around here but the other two roommates are gone so I'll put on a movie or something once I'm done cleaning and errands are done.

3 days so far, I'm hurting but I feel good about myself. Let's see if I can stick it through.  Taking the next two days off and I've got my official personal training session on Tuesday night at 7.

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Tonight was supposed to be my one free personal training at Bally's but George, the guy who signed me up and apparently the head of trainers, was unable to find anyone in at 7 pm on a Friday for a session.  So he put me through my paces (waaaah) and I get to set up another time later.  Half an hour only, my ass.  My very sore ass.

George was awesome because he was funny, easy on the eyes (oh baby!) and kicked my ass from start to finish.  He quickly realized that I'm chatty and easily distracted by words.  So he plopped me on one of those things that's like a treadmill but for your individual feet and just chatted until I realized we'd done six minutes and I wanted to die.

We then played opposites on the weight machines - for every machine that did one action, we then went and did the machine that did the opposite.  After that, we went and took a look at the other machines, mocked the people on the machines that apparently should be labeled "waste of time and money" ("George, is that guy reading a book on that machine?" "..."), and then he twisted me into a pretzel for stretches.  "Oh, you're flexible!  Yay!"

It was really good because I needed someone to look at me when I was starting to waver and go "You know you can keep going, I know it - show me you can keep going".  He had more faith in my abilities than I did and he'd just met me.  The bastard.  It gave me a good gauge of how much weight I need to use (we got on a machine and the woman in front of us had been lifting, like, 10 lbs.  He rolled his eyes and said something about 'easy' money'), what machines to use and how much of a workout.

I'm apparently very amusing and pretty down to earth when it comes to what I expect to get from the gym - I want to lose 20 lbs, then reevaluate; I want to gain muscle and lose the squishy - muscle weighs more than fat, I said, and got a pat on the head; if I'm not in on a regular basis, this'll do squat.  So, at least two times a week and he's pretty much got me coming in for kwando tomorrow morning.

A very good workout and one that makes me want to stick with it, unlike Curves (it works for some, not me) which just frustrated me because the people there were not what I needed.  (A workout at Curves made me want to throw up - this makes me feel like jell-o; better, I think.)

Now, dinner and then I die.


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