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I am completely engrossed by my fingers - as part of my "I deserve it" morning, I got a manicure and an eyebrow waxing from the folks down the street. (I have a coupon for a place in DC but I had no time to trek into the city this week.) And while you would think that a "I deserve it" morning wouldn't include pain but that's where you're wrong...

I guess it wasn't that bad. Except where it was that bad. But the pain was kind of worth it as every time I pass by a mirror, I keep wriggling my eyebrows at myself in what I would like to think is a rakish manner. I probably just look like my forehead is having a seizure independent of the rest of my face.

(But seriously, they're like half the size that they were and all neat - apparently, according to the woman who did them, I have very dramatically shaped eyebrows. They can match up with the long, awesome eyelashes and full lips that people would pay for - I have been told these things in public where I cannot dispute them. It's like a jigsaw puzzle of awesome on my face or something.)

But the manicure, oh, that was nice. I think I want to get it at a different place next time - these folks are pretty cheap and close but the woman didn't talk to me at ALL, just ordered me to sit and then chattered with her coworkers. And while it was relaxing, I probably could find someone better in Old Town.

That being said, my hands are nice and smooth due to the dipping in hot wax (weird but nice) and I've got dark red with sparkles nail polish.

Very ruby slipper color. Gorgeous. And I feel good, so huzzah.

So how often should I go in for the waxing?

Also, the nails, because apparently posting them in a comment is starting to be a bitch kitty.
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I really need to go clothes shopping soon.  Trying to find a time to do so might prove a bit difficult.  Hrm.
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I'm going to get my hair highlighted a (hopefully) honey brown color but I need to find a good place to go.  Anyone have any suggestions for places they trust between DC and Baltimore?  I hear Bubbles is good?

(Also, trying to figure out makeup to go with a turquoise blue shirt tomorrow, hrm.)


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