Apr. 19th, 2011 06:30 pm
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This is the second time in 2 1/2 weeks that we've had a fire serious enough that the fire department came out. 12th floor, this time, and I was only stuck outside for an hour and it didn't happen while I was sound asleep. All pluses.

I seriously just need to have a fire prep kit - it took me far too long to get out than it should have.

Excuse me, I think I'm going to go lay back down now.

Edit: Surprise, surprise, they actually filled us in - somewhat. They kind of hedged around the reasons but it sounds like someone started cooking and then ... erm, left the apartment for a short errand? Seriously?
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Been up since 8:20 so I could get the car inspected by Allstate - decided not to waste the morning when I got back, so I've been cleaning like a fiend since them.  Moved my black bookcase from the bedroom to the living room where we've always had this HUGE corner of nothing.  Oh man, looks awesome.

Anyway, while I continue to clean while I wait for my parents (lunch and shopping at Tysons!), have a picture of Marion.


Jul. 7th, 2010 08:03 pm
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I will yelp at spiders, flail at bees and horn but generally I do not scream.  However, upon seeing this:

This series of events took place:

1.  Like out of some horror movie, I watched as this thing crawled up the wall, appearing bit by by from behind my computer monitor.
     a.  I literally screamed like someone was coming after me.

2.  I took a picture of it while it was standing still but when it moved I screamed bloody murder again

3.  From there, I leaped (literally, like a goat.  Like a goat who'd been into the wine and who'd seen a bug ROUGHLY THE SIZE OF ITS HAND.  HOOF.  WHATEVER.) onto my computer chair and grabbed for the carpet cleaner and squirted for all that I was worth.

4.  At which point, it fell down behind the computer and started scampering around.  Despite the fact that I was on the damned chair, I screamed again and continued to rain down the carpet cleaner.
     a.  I'm going to note that it's slightly hilarious and terrifying to do this on a computer chair as those things swivel and when you're trying not to touch the ground as if it were made of lava...

5.  As the scampering (it, not me) started to falter, I retaliated by throwing books at it.  It was either that or the wine bottle.  A decent hit from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo stunned it (thanks, Mr. Larsson!).

6.  At which point, I scooped up a shoe and bludgeoned it to death.  There may have been more screaming, I can't really tell.

So, at this point, my room reeks of carpet cleaner and I've had to clean up legs - legs - from the floor and my shoe.  I'm sitting crosslegged on the computer chair, carpet cleaner at hand, with a sore throat (no, seriously, I never scream that loud), just waiting for a cousin or something to avenge it's fallen brethren.

Guys, how am I going to be able to sleep when there are face huggers in my apartment?
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I had to call 911 this morning.  Because I was stuck in the elevator in my apartment building.  *stares*  It went down like normal but when it hit ground floor - nothing.  Doors didn't open, it wouldn't go up, just sat there.  I tried to push the door open but that didn't work, so I hit the call button aaaaand.

I got someone's fucking VOICEMAIL.  Voicemail.  I am still so unbelievably pissed that it's not even funny.

Luckily, I had my cell so I called Marissa and told her to try and reach someone from her end while I called 911.  I did make the operator chuckle a little bit after I told him what was going on, where I was, etc.

"Are you okay?  Any medical issues?"
"Not unless freaking out counts as a medical issue."

About five minutes after the call, the elevator suddenly decided to randomly go up to the 5th floor - to be honest, that freaked me out more than just being stuck.  Being stuck in an elevator that moved really didn't appeal to me.  Still no door opening but when I had it go back to the lobby, the doors veeeerrry slowly opened and I dived out of there like I'd been catapulted.

Marissa still hadn't been able to reach anyone in maintenance (voicemail!!), so she'd called the leasing office and right as I'd gotten out someone came running in.  I told her which one, called 911 to cancel the call and proceeded to go sit in my car with my head on my steering wheel.  (I was once stuck in an elevator at the old office building for an hour.  I hate it..)

Worst Saturday morning EVER.
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Barring a miracle, there is no way I'm getting my car out by tomorrow or maybe even Tuesday.  There's about 5-10 feet of snow from the street to the back of my car and I was wading in it up to my waist.  An hour and a half of work for Marissa and my car meant only that the cars themselves are cleared but we couldn't even make a dent in the stuff surrounding it.

Work will probably be closed tomorrow but if it's not, I'm going to be here, still stuck, tomorrow.


(Also, I'm so soaked that my jeans, fairly new, turned my legs blue.  My legs are colored blue.  DIE, SNOW, DIE.)

There are various pictures that will be put up later - including me making a snow angel because, hey, I was soaked at that point anyway.  There was also an epic duel at one point - Marissa on one side of her car and I on the other dueling with the handles of the shovel and broom we were using.

We're 3.


Feb. 5th, 2010 08:59 am
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Can I just say that I currently have an amazing roommate?
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Sometime around 7/7:30 last night, we experienced a weird power issue.  The entire apartment was at half-energy running, lights really dim, certain things like Marissa's TV and my computer wouldn't turn on (funny enough, her computer turned on and my TV turned on XD).  After trying, and failing, to reach maintenance, I found out through the firefighters that where on my floor that someone was stuck in one of the elevators on floor 9.  They'd had to turn the power down to about half in order to work on getting him out.

...I am not looking forward to using the elevators this morning.  (Though I was lucky.  Marissa came home during this mess, while I was upstairs.  She walked the 14 flights up.  She got in and promptly just sort of laid on the floor with her bags of stuff. ;) )

EDIT:  Guess who had to walk down 14 flights (roughly 200+ stairs) this morning because the elevators still weren't working?  (It could have been worse and it wasn't bad just ... they were slick from everyone tromping up and down last night/this morning, so I was more terrified that I'd slip and fall.  So walking very carefully down 14 flights of stairs...oi.)


Sep. 11th, 2009 06:14 pm
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My roommate is napping and my cat is perched on her butt.

...yep, all is as it should be.


Sep. 2nd, 2009 06:20 pm
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Adventures in my apartment complex!

Adventure 1 - relatively low key but I sat next to a woman about my age on the shuttle home and we both pulled out books to read.  At the same time, we both lowered our books and exclaimed "I love that author!" at each other.  (She was reading Riptide by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and I was reading The Protector's War by S.M. Stirling.)  We proceeded to babble a little about the books in question before falling back into our own books, content in the knowledge that we had kindred spirits on the shuttle.

Adventure 2 - I'm heading down the l-o-o-ong hallway to my apartment when I notice one of my neighbors just kind of ... hanging out in his doorway.  I've met him before, we've said hi but this is a bit odd.  We say hello, I assume he's waiting for someone and make it to my door.  As I'm fishing out my keys, I look to my right at the fire exit and there's a blob in front of the fire exit.

I blink.

The blob blinks back and smushes in on itself.

Suddenly laughing, I turn back, raising my voice to be heard "Sir, are you looking for your cat?"  At which point, he trots down the hallway, calling out her name and she starts to slink towards him - half running in that "Oh my god, THERE YOU ARE" way but also "I'm totally meant to be DON'T PICK ME UP CLING TO THE CARPET WITH MY CLAWS!" sort of deal.  He's thanking me as he pries her off the carpet and I can't stop giggling as she glares at me over his shoulder.  Gorgeous, sleek silver girl with orange eyes.

. . .

May. 15th, 2009 07:31 pm
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I'm poking around on apartment sites to get a feel for what's in Alexandria, VA and I came across one that said:  "Cats allowed.  80 lb weight limit."

*tilts head*


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