Mar. 7th, 2013

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I'm scheduled to see an apartment in Gainesville on Saturday; it's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath for a little under $1,300 a month with a not horrible per month pet fee.  It'll be about 40 minutes away from work and 40 minutes away from my parents (an hour from the cemetery which, right now, is still very important as I like to visit every other weekend at the very least).  It's also literally behind Bonefish Grill, a block away from Wegmans and is right on the main road that I take to get to work. It's available on 4/8.

I've also put in an inquiry about an apartment on Main Street in Warrenton that's about $1,100, with all utilities included, for a one bedroom, furnished (er, I hope I can get them to unfurnish it), and is about two blocks down from where all the shops and restaurants are.  It would cut my commute down by about 20 - 30 minutes.  It's available now.

On paper, both of them have perks - the 2 bedroom has a ton more space and is much closer to work / friends without being horrible far from family but is about $200 more.  The 1 bedroom is closer to family while still shaving off some commute time, is cheaper than the other one but doesn't cut the commute down horribly and, well, furnished. o.O

12:30 this Saturday to see the first one and I'm waiting to hear back about the second one in Warrenton, though I'm hoping for 4:30 on Monday.  One of the perks of living with my family is that I am not pressured to take something I don't like / feel comfortable with because a lease is ending.  The April availability seems better to me as it gives me plenty of time to get ready to move while also getting it out of the way before May and June with their weddings comes rolling around.

Honestly, I'm hoping for an easy process - I'd like something to go smoothly.

Edit:  Yep, they got back to me and dad and I will be viewing the Warrenton apartment on Monday.  They also have no problem with leasing it to me without furniture.  *cheers*


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